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01 May 2014

The world will change, jobs will change; What would you do?

Author: Enigma

Take A Closer Look At What Is Going On Around Us. Who Will Talk To You If You Call Customer Care At Large Companies And Banks? Whatever Your Need, The Machine Will Be The Solution To That Problem. Yet You Can Only Speak To A Human Being Unless Resolved. If You Go To A Product Page Online, You Will Find That There Are Chatbots Ready To Respond Immediately. The 24 Hour Restless System Has Taken Over Many Areas, Including Spam Detection, Credit Card Fraud Detection.Needless To Say, There Were Fewer Jobs For Men Here. Maximum Automation Is The Business Model Of Giant Companies Like Amazon.

It Is Meant To Indicate How Labor And Work Conditions Will Change In Today’s World. According To The World Economic Forum’s 2018 Career Surveys Future Survey, Nearly 65% ​​Of Those Who Are Currently Studying In Primary Classes Do Not Exist. A Major Reason For This Is The Huge Changes That Have Taken Place In The Fields Of Science And Technology Since The Turn Of The Century. With Built-In Intelligence, The Internet Of Things, Block Chain, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Quantum Computing And Gene Editing Have All Been Added To The Common Vocabulary. Built-In Intelligence Led To The Automation Of The Mechanized World. The Most Obvious Result Is A Change In The Skills That Job Seekers Need Rather Than A Job Loss.

Skills Acquired From The Classroom Become Obsolete Or Become Obsolete.Along With This, There Was An Urgent Need To Learn New Things In Order To Stay In The Profession. IT While The Big Companies In The Region Provided Training Facilities, The Smaller Companies Either Lost Their Jobs Or Were Left Without Good Workers. In The Medium-Sized Companies, The Gap Between What Customers Need And What They Can Provide Is Worsening. In This Way, Our Colleges, Workplaces And The General Public Must Prepare For This. Let’s Take A Closer Look At The Changing World Of Work And The Skills Required.

It Is Estimated That If The Placement Of Machines In The Workplace Is Below 30 Per Cent In 2018, It Is Expected To Rise To 40 Per Cent By 2022 And 50 Per Cent By 2025. This Means That Within The Next Five Years, Machines Will Be Working Harder Than Humans! The Problems This Can Create In The Public Are Serious.This Year Came The News That Workers Who Run Coal Mining In Virginia, USA, Are Getting Beekeeping Training. Many Of The Hard Work That Mankind Did In The Past Has Taken Over The Machinery. In A Car Factory Today, Human Work Is Confined To Areas Where Machines Are Limited. Even The Service Sector Has No Escape From It.Even In Such Companies, If Most Of The Workers Are Not Polished And Hired Over Time, The Job May Not Be The Same.