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01 May 2014

Significance Of Soft Skills In Education And Career Success

Author: Enigma

Soft Skills And Life Skills Should Be Integrated With The Topics Covered In Today’s Education Curriculum Based On Advanced Technologies. Needless To Say, Our Curriculum Does Not Greatly Assist Students In Achieving These. Experts Point Out That Soft Skills Are A Must For Everyone In The Near Future. That Is, They Are Not Merely Tools To Perform Well In Interviews; Instead, It Becomes A Necessary Skill To Hold On To.

The Top Five (Millennials), The Current Top Five Reasons Why Young People Are Losing Jobs Are Considered To Be Lacking In Software Skills. As With Mathematics, Science And Language, These Have Become Important:

  • 1. Collaboration: Ability to work alone and collectively.
  • 2. Critical Thinking: The ability to approach criticism and correct mistakes without having to swallow what they hear.
  • 3. Work Ethic: Focus on never losing trust in others while understanding one’s work and colleagues.
  • 4. Confidence: It requires an accurate understanding of one’s own abilities and efforts to correct deficiencies.
  • 5. Communication: Ability to communicate with others while understanding everything. The leadership skills most needed.
  • 6. Creativity: Imaginative thinking to come up with new ideas to move forward in any crisis.
  • 7. Grit: Determined to complete a task with commitment
  • 8. Time Management: This is essential to make time for important things and to set aside important things.